Yuba City, CA (January 15, 2019) – The Northern California Aerospace Initiative is announcing the launch of its new monthly ‘Yes You Can’ speaker series for 2019.  High School students are invited to explore career opportunities related to the aerospace industry. Every month NCAI will present a different career topic ranging from ‘Build an Airplane’, ‘Become a Pilot’, ‘Aviation Roles in Agriculture’, among others.

“Our speaker series is a great chance to learn about aviation enrichment and career opportunities in this part of Northern California,” said Dallan Reese, NCAI President and Chairman of the Board. “NCAI is excited to offer students and future aviation professionals in Yuba-Sutter a chance to explore the many exciting facets of the aerospace industry.”

The first quarter series include:

  • Thursday, 24 January: Build an Airplane. Discuss amateur built experimental aircraft, light sport aircraft, build options, and how experimental aircraft can be used. Panel members include a variety of builders as well as local students who participated in the 2016-2018 Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Teen Builders and Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) representatives. Location: Sierra Nevada Room in the CalTrans Bldg. 703 B Street Msvl.
  • Thursday, 28 February: Become a pilot. Focus on initial (i.e. Private or Sport) pilot training and certification, foreshadowing future forum on professional piloting. Panel members to include flight instructors, Designated Pilot Examiner, and recently certificated private or sport pilots. Location: TBA
  • Thursday, 28 March: Become a Professional Pilot. Focus on advanced training paths to becoming a commercial or military pilot, and examples of normal professional progression in the industry. Panel members include military and airline pilots, corporate pilot, flight instructor, agriculture pilot. Location: TBA

All events are from 6:00-8:00 pm. Locations change month-to-month and information can be found at: https://norcalaerospace.org

The mission of NCAI is to develop, sustain, and promote the aeronautical career pathways in the Northern California Region.  

Contact: Dallan Reese, President